Friendship is Irresistible Work

Alison Wilder

March 20, 2011


friendship is hard
friendship is hard to resist
friendship is resistance
friendship is work
friendship takes work
friends make work
friendship is making art work
friendship is irresistible work

art is resistance
art is hard to resist
art is hard to refuse

art is refusal

art is refuse

art is work

art is making work

art making is work

art making is irresistible work

art is making irresistible work

artists making irresistible work

art is making friends work

Friendship is Irresistible Work employs invented and learned surface design procedures in a body of androgynous sculpture-paintings that loosely stand in for bodies. It contains impractical uniform proposals and figurative non-figures with deadpan pipe dreams of functioning. It chiefly considers non-reproductive print-making, the idea that outfits are everyday drawings, and the pursuit of jouissance.