Other Means

March 9, 2012


DJ Screw (born Robert Earl Davis, Jr., July 20, 1971) was a central figure in the early ‘90s hip hop scene in Houston, Texas. He’s best known as the creator of a remixing technique called CHOPPED & SCREWED and for popularizing an illegal cocktail of prescription-strength cough syrup and soda known as PURPLE DRANK. The sleep-inducing effect of the codeine in cough syrup is said to be the inspiration for the chopped and screwed style, which is achieved by drastically slowing down the tempo of a song.

On Nov 16, 2000, Screw died of an overdose of drank, Valium, and PCP. His entire discography of mixtapes was released posthumously as 248 separate chapters. They cover a 6 year period that starts in 1994 and ends the year of his death.

SPEED is a 1994 American action-thriller starring Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper and Sandra Bullock. Reeves plays Jack Traven, an LAPD officer caught in a battle with Howard Payne, a deranged ex-police officer played by Hopper. After Traven foils one of his earlier plots, Payne seeks revenge by planting a bomb on a city bus. If the bus drives slower than 50 miles per hour the bomb will explode.

50 miles per hour is fast compared to the average speed of a city bus in Los Angeles, but relative to the 70 mph speed limit on Interstate 105 — where most of the film takes place — the bus is moving extremely slow.

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