AON Center

Luke Barber-Smith

July 31 and August 1, 2013


In the dark and semi-visible chromogenic print AON Center, a high-rise building looms in an atmosphere of possibility; a totem of both future and past, it stands stoically on the horizon. It is an individual; a character of humanity that appears vulnerable and curious.

62 floors of glass rise high into the Los Angeles sky. The dark facade of the skyscraper narrowly cuts the warm light and several cracked windows cluster in areas. AON Center's inverted corners climb high to the penthouse in a continuous 90-degree fluting made of ivory sheet metal. An odd assortment of 3 lamps illuminate the structure's crown. Their light fades downward, quickly into the darkness.

Hanging horizontally above the framed print, a rusted steel-pipe lamp illuminates the room and mirrors the intimate atmosphere within the image of AON Center.