Triin Tamm

January 18, 2013


January 18-28, 2014

Variazone is an exhibition dealing with variations of new words, haunting thoughts and paused sentences. As usually Triin Tamm is interested in repetition and interruption of every day language.

Language, that has more value in what it does than what it says.

1) Title-Tourist (2014) is a wallpaper of neologisms generated by the alphabetical order of different business categories in Yellow Pages.

2) Variazone (2013) is a selected list of English, German and Italian neologisms from Yellow Pages, Gelbe Seite and Pagine Gialle - arranged in a stack of A4 papers.

3) I CAN READ ENGLISH (2013) is framed title page of an English language reader for children published in 1948 in Moscow. The title stating 'I Can Read English' is a only English sentence on a page otherwise entirely in Russian. What can we read out from what we cannot read?

4) A Voice and A Clock (2014) audio piece positions us in the space where there is only a sound of a voice and a clock. Hypnotizing voice keeps telling us to listen to the voice and we do listen, but soon forget what we hear.

5) Words in Pause (2014) are words in line that could be a sentence if read accordingly, with and without silences.

Triin Tamm (b. Paide, Estonia, 1982; Lives and works) produces books, objects, collections, and confusion-outside of a linear progression, and without succumbing to the constraining expectations of the art system. At times working self-reflexively, Tamm comments on or renders transparent the processes of making her works or exhibitions. And she works a-temporally-producing documentation of potential works or retroactively producing those works from their documentation, collecting future titles, etc. Tamm works in response to the dwindling space for artistic freedom, and widens it a bit.